Xiang Jing’s major solo exhibition “Will Things Ever Get Better? Xiang Jing’s Works 2008-2011” starts the tour from Beijing Today Art Museum


Three years after the debut of "Naked Beyond Skin", the exhibition that has received much attention, Xiang Jing themes her solo exhibition with a question, “will things ever get better?”. She presents her new set of works with an attitude best characterized as “question-asking”. Xiang Jing’s former methodological focus on the inner, internal, perspectival, personal world expressed solely through female figures ("Naked Beyond Skin" series), is replaced by something quite on the contrary – in "Will Things Ever Get Better?", Xiang Jing aims to dissolve the perceived barrier between sociological studies and contemporary art, and presents artworks that are reflective, meaningful, and aesthetically profound, all through an art form that is structural and allusive in nature.
The touring show will visit Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art and Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

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