The Paradox of Xiang Jing

Xiang Jing, Hang Chunxiao, Wang Chunchen, Wei Xing, Zhai Jing, Lv Xufeng:

everybody can do.
Zhai Jing: As an artist, you surely have your own starting point. You may think what you are only concerned with is issues of human nature, but in this current context, since people have some instinct reaction upon seeing a female artist. When a piece of work is accepted, the human nature side that you concern might be hidden, while the feministic side might stand out. This is something rather obvious. In other words, when your works are presented, people’s first reflection would be ‘this is a work about body,’ followed with ‘Xiang Jing is a feministic artist,’ whether you agree or not.
Xiang Jing: For me, this is a basic stance of my art creation, if you insist. Since I am a woman and I choose to make female figures and female bodies in particular, I make these works from a woman’s perspective, as a first person. Female does not serve as an object, something to be looked at, or a feministic other. It starts with I said, voice from women themselves. This also applies to my works on female bodies. First of all, a proper attitude shall be rectified, that is, the female body here is not those female bodies that have been looked at throughout art history, but a female body that infers the existence. This lays the foundation of this series of works.
Zhai Jing: I fully understand your standing point: when you create a body, you start from your personal psychological feelings, and created it as a first person. Last time when we talked, Xiaochun said that what you make is just sculptures, but you denied it. You said, ‘what I made is just such a work, whether it is a sculpture or not does not matter.’ But when a spectator who knows nothing about all that you said looks at your works, he sees a piece of sculpture at first sight; a human body sculpture at second sight; a female body sculpture at third sight. When it comes to feministic topics, the situation is relatively the same. What kind of methods you think can be applied in this case?
Xiang Jing: This is de facto existence.
Zhai Jing: You don’t care how others see you?
Xiang Jing: All art has to be faced with educated audience, but you still have no choice but to speak. To me, the process of competition is a journey to the inner world. I create human bodies to pull audiences back to human beings.