The Paradox of Xiang Jing

Xiang Jing, Hang Chunxiao, Wang Chunchen, Wei Xing, Zhai Jing, Lv Xufeng:

The issues it concerns have nothing to do with what happens here.
Some magazines may publish a feministic feature; some galleries and museums may organize exhibitions of female artists or bring about some feministic topics, but all of them make me feel disgusted. No real questions emerge from them, which is always the same group of people. This is why I always deny myself as a feminist.
Zhai Jing: This is why I’m interested in you. Looking into your works, especially those in "Naked Beyond Skin", I found you frequently regard body as your central issue, while body is exactly what mostly discussed when people talk about feminism these days. But in fact, feminism is a small problem. In broader sense, it can be regarded as a post-colonial related issue, referring to a specific marginalized group, to which we pay close attention as we do for other marginalized groups, such as minorities and homos. (By the way, as for the catalogue of "Naked Beyond Skin", you seem also concerned about homosexual groups). A common characteristic of these groups is using body as a medium. That’s why people always link it with these marginalized groups whenever the body issue is raised, and interpret the artist within this framework. So I think whether or not you subjectively want to talk about feminism, this is an unavoidable topic which will always been raised once people look at your works. As you know, once a work is born, it grows independent of the original intention of its author, and will be faced with an enormous sea of interpretations, or you can call it the death of author. This also applies to your works. You have noticed this for sure, and that’s why you used female body, a strong and clear medium, to explore this theme on such a big scale. From my point of view, this is exactly your paradox, don’t you agree?
Xiang Jing: I didn’t intend to make it into a feminist subject to start with, so I didn’t systematically put all sorts of problems into this field including homosexuality. What I concern is still human beings and the not-yet-materialized human natures that present our inner qualities after being stripped of our clothes. I concern this more than the marginalized. Take masturbation as an example. I don’t think only marginalized people do that. This is something that